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Battery Storage for Homes

Domestic Energy Storage

Maximizing Battery Storage for Optimal Energy Savings and Efficiency

Installing a battery storage system is a smart choice as it allows you to efficiently utilise the surplus energy generated by your solar PV system, enabling you to optimise your self-consumption.

High end storage systems such as the GivEnergy All In One or Tesla Powerwall can offer you much more. With their advanced technology, you can take control of your home energy like never before. Imagine being independent of the grid and having the power to generate and store your renewable energy from the sun. It’s a game-changer in the way we power our homes and lives.

Choosing the right battery from the right installer is crucial for maximizing the benefits of solar energy. With an array of options available, it’s important to carefully consider the features and specifications that best suit your needs. Our top-quality and reliable solar battery storage solutions are readily available for installation in Cornwall & Devon, ensuring that you can have continuous power supply and minimize your carbon footprint and energy costs.


£7,995 Fully Installed

10 year warranty – unlimited cycles – 13.5kWh – 100% depth of discharge. 

Solidarity Solar are Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers

Premium Energy Storage and Backup Power

  • Charge from your solar array or off-peak energy prices. 
  • Store your clean energy for use and sell at peak prices. 
  • Automatically detects power cuts and switches to become your main energy source. 
  • Compatible With any exisiting solar system
  • 0% VAT from the 1st of February 

Benefits of Home Storage Systems

Battery storage has now gone way beyond just storing solar energy for use . It can completely revolutionize your relationship with energy. By storing excess energy during low demand periods and using it during high demand periods, you can reduce your reliance on the grid and lower your electricity bills. Plus, with advancements in battery technology, you can now power your entire house with a battery backup system during power outages. Investing in a battery storage system can not only save you money but also provide peace of mind.

How Solar and Battery Storage Work Together

During the day, as the sun shines bright, the solar panels generate enough energy to power the entire household’s energy demands. Any excess energy is then stored in the battery, which in turn, can be used to power the grid through the SEG scheme. In times when the panels produce less energy, the batteries come to the rescue by supplying energy, ultimately leading to significant reductions in energy bills!

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Home Back up Potential

By investing in trusted batteries like the Tesla Powerwall or the GivEnergy AIO, you’ll guarantee continuous power to your home during outages. This level of self sufficiency will keep you and your loved ones safe and secure, while providing peace of mind during even the most prolonged blackouts.

Greater independence From The Grid

By utilizing batteries, you have the ability to take control of your energy consumption and decrease your dependency on conventional sources of power.

Off Peak Charging

One super easy way is to take advantage of off-peak pricing! Charge up your batteries during these times and use them when electricity is more expensive. It’s a great way to keep your energy bill down while still being able to use the power you need whenever you need it.

GivEnergy Installers

Compact Design, Powerful Performance And Huge 12 Year Warranties 

The GivEnergy All In one

Connect multiple All in Ones to boost your energy storage capacity as your needs grow.

Pair with the Giv-Gateway to switch between grid and battery during power cuts, meaning you’re never left in the dark.

Industry leading 12 year warranty – 13.5kWh – 100% depth of discharge.

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